Sunny is a journalist, author, and educator living in Portland, OR
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My Book

My book about binge and emotional overeating, Food: The Good Girl's Drug (Berkley Books, 2011), is based in part on my own experiences with binge eating disorder and is aimed at young women who want to better understand their own relationship with food. Buy it (print or e-book) at your favorite bookseller or here, at mine. 

"No doubt, readers will return to this book regularly for insight, encouragement and hope. Binge eating disorder is highly treatable, and many people recover and go on to lead healthy, happy lives, just like Gold." — PsychCentral

"I was in tears because I knew for the first time that there were others out there like me and I wasn't some lunatic with food issues. Sunny was great at taking you through the process of healing. " — Ashley, on

Looking for, my eating disorder and body image advocacy website? While I no longer regularly update the blog there, the site persists for readers of my book, Food: The Good Girl's Drug, who've come to depend on the archived posts and resources.

Food The Good Girls Drug Cover - hi res.jpg

food: the good girl's drug